Debloat Program

Debloat Program


This program is designed by a highly experienced nutrition scientist, Ivana Silva, who will guide you through a 4-week online program to help you improve your bloating.

As part of this, you will learn about potential causes of your gut health issues and implement guided steps to manage these symptoms. Everything you will learn is science-based but we translate it into simple language.

You will also receive personalised guidance following a holistic approach, which includes nutrition, exercise and relaxation techniques.

Details about the program
So get ready for taking care of your health with full support of:

- One live group coaching session per week
- Daily check-ins
- Chat forum where you can post any questions you have
- Interaction with peers through chat
- Tasty and healthy recipes
- Steps to identify if your gut is sensitive to certain proteins (eg. lactose or gluten)

Our goal is to provide you with tools to decrease your bloating and make you feel better with your body. To do this, you will work with a leading nutrition scientist who has over 20 years of experience.

Have a healthy gut & see you at the Debloat program!